Past Campaigns 

From consent to revenge porn to victim blaming, Bruin Consent Coalition has covered a wide range of topics with its many photo and poster campaigns. Occasionally, receiving press coverage for our work, BCC has a talented group of passionate individuals who have launched very successful campaigns which you can scroll through below. 


Love Shouldn’t be scary

Created in honor of Relationship Violence Awareness Month, this campaign features healthy, communicative, and consensual couples that demonstrate what makes their relationships supportive and respectful.

hidden in plain sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is a photo campaign dedicated to raising awareness about sexual assault. Sometimes survivors do not come forward due to difficulties reporting, fear of retaliation, stigma, emotional trauma, victim blaming, and other reasons. However at BCC, we support survivors' decisions whether they choose to report or not, and we hope that this project brings light to the reason why  90% of survivors do not report and encourages everyone take a stand for making our campus a safer community for survivors.


This is an intersectional photo campaign celebrating healthy relationships in all of its forms. In each photo, couples were invited to share what makes their healthy relationship special.


Word of the Week for saam 2017

During the month of April, a series of four posters defining "consent", "intersectionality", "toxic masculinity", and "feminism" were posted in the dorms in order to educate underclassmen about the increasingly important vocabulary.   



This campaign aims to transform the way we think about non-consensual photo and video sharing, in order to build a culture of consent that extends to the ways we interact with each other on messaging and dating apps.



This photo series recounts the stories of survivors/allies who have struggled with self-image pertaining to sex positivity and sexual violence. The photos include quotes submitted by participants regarding their struggle and story.



In honor of October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we asked the Bruin community to share what love means to them.



This photo series of cute canines with punny consent captions shows you there's multiple approachable ways to ask for consent. We hope these photos brighten your day, and remember consent is always necessary!



This photo series showcases our furry friends with many punny consent captions. Hopefully these inspire you!


kids should be kids

Kids Should be Kids is a call for awareness of the unfortunate reality of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), for support of child and adult victims or survivors of CSA, and to remove the stigma and shame around discussions of CSA in an effort to stand in solidarity with all victims or survivors. 


consent is*

Our Consent Is* posters were distributed throughout campus during our #ConsentWeek, to provide passive education to students who may not generally talk or care about consent and sex-positivity! We hope these gender-inclusive posters help educate students.


Man up?

Man Up? is an exploration of masculinity and its effect on men through the voices of men. Participants were asked about their relationship with masculinity as it relates to their identities and communities, particularly in terms of their experiences with the phrase “man up.” This project hopes to highlight the ways in which toxic masculinity can be used to stifle and silence men – especially men who have experienced sexual violence.


It's on us

#ItsOnUsUCLA to create the campus culture of respect and support for survivors of sexual violence. We each have a responsibility to create a culture of consent through educating our peers on consent, their resources, and our rights as students, as well as being an effective bystander to prevent and stop behavior that normalizes violence on our campus and in our communities.



Only verbal affirmative consent counts as consent. This photo campaign strives toward educating the community that no one's appearance or drinking is "asking for it."