The Clothesline Display Project

The Clothesline Display is an art activism project meant to bring awareness to the issue of sexual violence. Survivors of various forms of sexual violence make shirts that symbolize their emotions. The Clothesline Project began in 1990, and it has been at UCLA for almost two decades. Feel free to explore our collection of hundreds of shirts which are organized by color below. Each color represents a different form of sexual violence. 

***Content Warning: Sexual Violence***


REd, orange, and pink

Survivors of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault/rape, or battery. 

BCCwhitepg 2.jpg


For those who have been murdered or committed suicide as a result of sexual assault or gender-based violence crime. These shirts are dedicated "in memory" of an individual related or close to the person who created the shirt. 

BCCgraypg 2.jpg


Survivors of gang rape. 


Yellow and beige

Survivors of domestic or intimate partner violences. 



Survivors of sexual harrassment. 

BCCpurplepg 2.jpg

Purple and lavender

Survivors targeted because they are (or are perceived to be) part of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Blue and green

Survivors of incest or child sexual abuse or molestation (adult survivors have used children's shirts to represent the age when the abuse occurred). 

BCCmulti-coloredpg 2.jpg


Survivors of multiple abuses (different colors may signify different experiences). 

BCCbrownpg 2.jpg


Survivors of ritual abuse (genital mutilation, cult sexual abuse, etc).