It's Time to Stand Up to Trump"Care"

July 27, 2017

By Katie Shillman

Yesterday, for the first time since January 21, I was surrounded by a passionate, diverse group of individuals decked out in pink. I listened to politicians and activists alike express their beliefs and share their personal stories as to why they believe we cannot let TrumpCare become a reality. In the background, just a couple hundred feet away, the Capitol building loomed where politicians were inside bustling around, meeting behind closed doors, and deciding the futures of millions of Americans.

What is happening right now could be disastrous and legitimately life-threatening for millions of Americans for years to come. The Trump administration keeps complaining about “fake news.” Well here is some very real news if the skinny repeal passes: 16 million people will lose health insurance, health care premiums will jump by 20%, and 2.4 million Planned Parenthood patients will lose care. The government was founded to serve, protect, and provide for the people it governs. To me it seems counterintuitive for our government to so explicitly take away the health care that so many Americans desperately need and rightly deserve.

After the rally, I took the metro back home with my newest handmade sign reading, “We will not be silent.” Tomorrow, I will return to Capitol Hill to continue protesting this horrendous and absolutely appalling legislation. I refuse to be silent, and I hope you refuse too. Here are a couple of quick ways to become involved in these last hours:

- CALL your elected representatives and make sure they are representing your needs and wishes. To find your representatives’ contact information go to:

- RALLY with your local Planned Parenthood chapter and make your voice heard. Go to to find an event being held tomorrow near you.

Healthcare is a human right. It’s time for Congress to remember that.