We Still Have a Long Way to Go

By Anonymous

I joined BCC in the beginning of my sophomore year, and it is hands down one of the greatest decisions I’ve made during my time at UCLA. Not only have I become a much more socially aware and trauma-informed person, I’ve met some of the best people through BCC. I joined BCC because I had been passionate about sexual violence advocacy since high school, but I stayed because of the welcoming environment I found myself in.

Needless to say, BCC has had a huge positive impact on my life, but it’s also made me much more aware of the way some people view survivors or advocates of this particular type of violence and the type of stigma that surrounds the topic. I’m tired of explaining to people why it’s not “weird that [I] am in BCC but still like to party,” as though the two contradict each other, or as though student advocates/survivors don’t like to have typical college-fun.

Seeing more and more people speak up about and against sexual violence gives me hope that there will be less stigma surrounding these issues in the future. But the fact that condemning well-known sexual predators can still be considered a controversial opinion in some places reminds me that there is still so much progress to be made.