Chai Talks

By Alondra Camargo

Hello everyone,

About 2 years ago I attended Chai Talks, an event co-programmed by Bruin Consent Coalition and Chai Talks. The event was the first BCC event I had ever attended and til this day it is the most memorable for me. 

Chai Talks is an event in which South Asian speakers discuss the stigma and silence surrounding topics such as sexual assault. At this event, one of the speakers touched upon colorism in their community. This concept that I have personally experienced in the Latinx community was also prevalent in their community. They discussed how women of darker complexions are more likely to be sexually assaulted. Additionally, they discussed that men of darker complexions are often viewed as the perpetrators but this is not true. Not only is this concept damaging to how we view sexual assault but it is also damaging in how we criminalize people of darker complexions.

Chai Talks was an eye opening event and helped me understand my position within my community and within my family. Not only is colorism prevalent in the South Asian and Latinx communities but in many other communities of color. It is time that we all change how we view those who with darker complexions and stop criminalizing them. 

Brown is beautiful! Black is beautiful!!