By Kimberly Govea

CW: Child Sexual Abuse

To be honest, I did not know what to write this time for my second blog, but I just saw this hashtag on twitter and so I wanted to join in!

For those unaware, the hashtag #MeToo is for those who have faced sexual assault. This hashtag came about as a response to the current case with Harvey Weinstein, a film producer, who has been taken to court because of rape allegations. Many have been standing along with Weinstein instead of the survivor going through this incredibly draining and often scarring process. But this hashtag has turned it around as many individuals have been hash tagging “me too”, revealing the great magnitude of sexual assault in our society.

I also want to join this hashtag, but I have family on my social media accounts that have yet to hear my story and honestly, I don’t feel ready. But I do have this BCC blog due!

So here is what I would have tweeted:

“My greatest scare as a child should have been that I couldn’t memorize my multiplications, but instead I feared his call #MeToo”